Customized Laser Engraving

Premium Overseas runs World Class Laser Engraving systems. They are compact, self-contained units that engrave directly on to any material from the design environment.  Logos, Designs, Photographs - you name it - and we can engrave it all on an array of materials.

We also execute orders for Laser Engraving & cutting of your own material - providing 100% accuracy - at prices that are hard to beat!

Materials on which Laser Engraving can be done:

All kinds of Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Coated Metal, Mirror, Plywood, Granite, Marble, Ceramic, MDF, Decorative materials, Anodised metals, Leather, Veneer, Painted surfaces, Semi-precious stones, Rexine, Plastic, Vinyl, Tiles, Boards, Paper, Rubber, Eva foam, Stencil cuttings, etc.

We use state-of-the-art, sealed beam, CO2 lasers that generate a beam of pure infrared radiation that is directed via mirrors on to the engraving/cutting head. This is controlled by an on-board computer that raster scans the head over the work-piece and turns the beam on and off as required. That's a dry description of a computer-controlled ballet that reveals the image before your eyes! The head whizzed back and forth like the print head on the old dot matrix printers and the laser is fired when needed to create the image. It's a process that still draws a crowd in-house!

How large can the engraving or pieces be?

We can handle individual pieces up to 24 inches (horizontal) by 18 inches (vertical), and engraving/cutting can be done up to a depth of 8 mm.

How detailed can the engraving be?

Oh, you'd be surprised! If you can draw it, we can engrave it! Super detailed would be an understatement! We can engrave bitmap or vector files (for Text & Logos), and graphics. We typically engrave at 500DPI (almost the same resolution as a laser printer)

What do you need as Artwork?

We use CorelDraw to drive all our engraving operations. There are two options available to you here:

1. Either send us what you have (however rough) and we will create the artwork for you, assess it, and quote our designing charges (if applicable).


2. Send us your existing computer artwork in CorelDraw (.cdr) format and we will use it.

We prefer receiving artwork as a .CDR file, sent via e-mail or on a USB flash drive. This has proven to be the most successful method in recent years.

For electronic art, please keep the following in mind:

. Bitmaps should be high resolution starting at 300 DPI, not JPG or GIF files from the internet (preferably).
. Vector files will always engrave with the highest quality.
. Remember, we can only engrave as well as the original artwork we receive, and that we normally engrave at 500 DPI.

How much will it cost?

The engraving cost is time and area dependent, not detail dependent. The larger the area, the more it costs. We charge nominal amounts per minute of work, where our digital counter on the machine tells us about accurate time consumed for each engraving job.

The product needs to be flat (no minor bumps on the surface, etc)

Technically, we can only engrave on to a flat surface. So long as there is a flat face for us to engrave onto, we can create jigs to hold the piece so we can engrave it. 

In reality, we can cope with curved surfaces that have about 3mm of variation from top to bottom. Beyond this, we get great variations in engraving depth and image distortion.

Your logos, signatures, or any other designs can be engraved!


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